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Knights of Pythias Lodge No. 101 CX000401
Name in gold with monogram of the organization's initials. This was a secret organization founded in the late 1860s. Issued examples from the 1910s.
Kenton, Ohio, unissued.

$7.00 each.
Knoxville Electric Co. CU000541
Lighted hanging lamp.
Pennsylvania, 190x. Unissued.

$14.00 each.
Kona and Kau Railway Co. CR002378
Vignette of a steam engine pulling passenger train with buildings in the background. Eagle incorporated into the border. Excellent for framing.
Territory of Hawaii, 1902. First mortgage gold bond, issued but not cancelled.

$425.50 each.
Kropp Forge Co CM000062
Two vignettes of interior of a steel works.
Printed in various colors.

$12.00 each.
4 for $36.00.
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La Quinta Motor Inns, Inc CE000018
Company trademark of a mounted caballero.
Texas. Specimen.

$16.00 each.
Lackawanna Railroad Company of New Jersey CR001005
Bridge over a river.
New Jersey, 1940s.
Printed in gray and brown.

$16.00 each.
2 for $24.00.
Laclede Gas Light Company CU000216
Woman with sword, shield.
St. Louis, Missouri, 1903.

$24.00 each.
Laclede Gas Light Company CU000211
Woman with sword, shield.
Saint Louis, Missouri, 1903.

$24.00 each.
Laclede Gas Light Company CU000212
Gas storage tanks.
St. Louis, Missouri, 1890s.

$24.00 each.
Laclede Gas Light Company CU000451
Gas storage tanks. Original Dow Jones component.
St. Louis, Missouri, 18xx. Unissued.

$10.00 each.
Laclede Gas Light Company CU000214
Vignette of seated woman of industry flanked by sword and shield. One of the first components of the Dow Jones Industrials (1896).
Missouri, 1896.
Printed in brown and green.

$27.00 each.
2 for $48.00.
Laclede Gas Light Company CU000542
Vignette of three gas storage tanks. Preferred shares.
Missouri, 1896.
Printed in blue and orange.

$38.00 each.
2 for $72.00.
LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad Company CP000028
Steam train. Eight percent bond with coupons; principal amount of one thousand dollars.
Wisconsin, 1857.

$1575.00 each.
Lake Erie and Pittsburgh Railway Company CR002647
No vignette.
Ohio, 1922. Temporary horizontal format gold bond.

$7.00 each.
Lake Erie and Pittsburgh Railway Company CR002900
Train leaving tunnel.
Ohio, 190x. Unissued.

$24.00 each.
Lake Geneva Lanes, Inc CE000022
Wisconsin, 1950s.

$4.00 each.
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Co CR001010
Portrait of Cornelius Vanderbilt II Trains on either side.
Vertical format gold bond of 1897 with coupons attached.

$48.00 each.
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company CR002165
Portrait of William H. Vanderbilt at top; passenger train at crossing with horse drawn carts at bottom.
Horizontal format bond, 1950s.

$14.00 each.
Lake Terrace Apartments CX000024
Chicago, Illinois, vertical format gold bond with coupons, 1929. Uncancelled.

$7.00 each.
Lake Torpedo Boat Company, The CM000163
Eagle, gold seal. Preferred stock, certificate signed by Simon Lake, inventor of the submarine.
Maine, 1916.

$127.00 each.
Lamaque Contact Gold Mines Ltd CF000100
No vignette.
Canada, 1936.

$16.00 each.
Lancaster and Reading Narrow Gauge R. R. Co CR001971
Pennsylvania seal showing horses Incorporated 1871.
Dated 18xx.

$16.00 each.
Last Chance Copper Mining Company CN000864
No vignette but gold border.
Montana, 1916.
Minor water stain; crayon cancelation.

$7.00 each.
Last Chance Copper Mining Company CN000865
No vignette. Gold border.
Montana, 190x. Unissued.
Minor water stain.

$7.00 each.
Last Chance Copper Mining Company CN000866
Triple vignette showing three mining scenes.
Montana, unissued.

$14.00 each.
Lawrence Rail Road Co. CR002648
Four vignettes, two showing smoking trains, one is the state seal of Pennsylvania.
Unissued, 188x. Cancelled with two vertical rows of holes.
one row of holes affects the vignette.

$14.00 each.
Leavenworth Laundry Company CX000070
Nebraska, 1920. Uncancelled.

$16.00 each.
LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company Inc CX000081
Seated woman with cape.
Massachusetts, 1929. Uncancelled.
Small stain in top margin.

$34.00 each.
LeClair Mines Co CN000338
No vignette.
Colorado, 1928.

$19.00 each.
LeClair Mines Co. CN000867
No vignette.
Colorado, 1928. Unissued.

$7.00 each.
Lee Enterprises, Incorporated CE000020
Lady with globe, torch. Company specialized in newspaper, radio, and television.
Delaware. Specimen.

$14.00 each.
Lee Oil and Natural Gas Co CU000217
No vignette.
Maryland, 1950s.

$7.00 each.
Lee Oil and Natural Gas Company CU000218
Lady, lion.
Maryland, 1950s.

$7.00 each.
Lee Rubber and Tire Corporation CM000308
Man, woman flanking company initials.
New York, 1964.

$16.00 each.
Lehigh and Lake Erie Railroad Co CR001017
Steam passenger train, section hands laying track.
Vertical format bond reissued in 1949, 1907. Coupons.

$29.00 each.
Lehigh and Lake Erie Railroad Co CR002166
Steam passenger train; section hands laying track.
Vertical format bond issued 1907, reissued 1949.

$24.00 each.
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co. CN000723
Two founders.
Pennsylvania, 1950s.
Printed in blue and green.

$4.00 each.
2 for $6.00.
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company CN000640
Portraits of two founders.
Pennsylvania. Specimen.

$14.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Co CR002167
Steam engine.
Vertical format gold bond of 1924.

$24.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Harbor Terminal Railway Company CR001023
Freight train at dockside.
New Jersey, horizontal format bond, 1970.

$19.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Rail Way Co CR001032
Vignette at bottom shows coal train being loaded Another vignette at top is a portrait of a young girl.
Vertical format bond originally issued in 1890 has extension agreement dated 1949.

$29.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Railroad Co CR001026
Passenger train at top, man's portrait at left, town in a river valley at right, state seal at bottom.
Pennsylvania, 1891.

$24.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Railroad Company CR002168
Two females flanking small engine.
Pennsylvania, 1930s.
Small holes through vignette.

$24.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway Company CR002649
Steam Engine, ship at dockside extension agreement.
New Jersey, 1894, extended in 1949. Vertical format bond with coupons.

$29.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Terminal Railway Company CR002508
Steam engine and ships at port.
New Jersey, 1894. Vertical format bond.
Term extended in 1949.

$24.00 each.
Lehigh Valley Transit Co CT000095
Vignette of state seal, horses, eagle.
Dated 1910s.
Printed in green, red, blue, and brown.

$15.00 each.
4 for $45.00.
LehighValley Railroad Company CR002651
Front view of a steam engine passing through railyard.
Pennsylvania, 1940s. Horizontal format registered bond.

$29.00 each.
Lennar Corporation CX000402
Draftsman at drafting table, home under construction. Major homebuilder.
Delaware, 1970s.

$4.00 each.
Leonard Mine Extension CN000672
Three mining vignettes.
Arizona, unissued.

$16.00 each.
Lerner Stores Corporation CX000240
Two angels on either side of oval with woman looking into hand mirror.
Maryland, 1950s.

$14.00 each.
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